My love for abstract painting is strongly related to my fascination for skies , endless landscapes and astronomy.                                                                                       These elements I am incorporating into my abstract paintings.

Therefore the mean topic of my work is : Painting gigantic , endless abstract worlds who form poetic reflectins of an universe.

Already during my Academy time I instinctively started investigating these directions.  By studying modern abstract painting combined with classical Japanse lanscape painting , I slowly developed a body of work which forms a kind of basis.

I came to the conclusion that an abstract painting should be more than only an expression of an emotion or an abstract impression of reality. It also should contain stories , maps , warzones , ideas , darkness etc….                                                       The huge scale of my paintings emphasizes the grandeur and infinity of the abstract image. But more important I actually have to work with space when I am standing in front of a huge canvas.

Violence plays a significant role in my work , because if you paint an abstract world you eventually will discover that you just can’t ignore the disharmonic elements who create choas and violence

So an abstract painting reflects a totallity of all kind of situations , elements ,intentions etc.                                                                                                                          Creating such images forms the mean goal of my work.